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Get the laboratory testing services for information, answers and certified test reports from ATIS. Material testing and analysis, specimen preparation services are available at our full-service facility near, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

ATIS Lab testing and non-destructive inspection services support the product engineering, ongoing quality control and overflow testing needs of our customers. Our material testing labs specialize in evaluating and analysing the mechanical properties, microstructure and chemical makeup of metallic specimens and samples. The non-destructive testing labs identify flaws and discontinuities in metal products of various shapes and sizes.

ATIS is a one-stop testing partner for verifying the quality of metallic raw materials and end products. Whether you’re designing a product, selecting materials, verifying a production process or researching a problem, ATIS has solutions for you.


Because our technical experts, engineers, chemists can offer help with our quality system is second to none. All services are meticulously performed using approved procedures and methods.

ATIS’s technicians are highly trained and experienced to ensure quick, reliable analytical testing and inspection results. We have a sales / customer service team that’s dedicated to providing the highest level of customer support.

Turnaround time (TAT) :

Our standard turnaround times are very competitive, but Same Day and Next Day rush services are also offered with for your most challenging situations.

Testing reports are documented in LIMS, easy-to-read Certified Test Reports to meet our customers’ quality assurance needs.

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Mechanical Testing

Metallography Testing

Chemical Testing

Corrosion Testing


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